Leadership Development

Youth Challenge, Inc. leadership pillar expose our young men to multi-faceted men from all walks of life; from entrepreneurs, corporate executives to non-profit leaders who each share a passion for developing our youth. Because, YCI understands the power in imagery and visualization, we incorporate direct group mentorship based on each young man's pathway.  By instilling leadership and pride, we maximize the young men's talents and abilities.

Leadership Fundamental Pillar Focus: 

  • The skill of self-awareness
  • The skill of business acumen
  •  The skill of relationship-building
  • The ability to create an inspired culture
  • The skill of agility and adaptability

Financial Empowerment 

Youth Challenge, Inc. financial empowerment pillar focuses on financial literacy. Our young men will gain knowledge and skills needed to make effective and informed money management decisions. Financial literacy is one of the most important skills a young person can learn, and fewer than half of American schools carry requirements for it.  The young men of YCI will grow to become empowered individuals with the ability to achieve their dreams, by using their learned and innate skills to build the life each young man desires.  

Financial Fundamental Pillar Focus:

  • The basics of cash, credit and how money works.
  • How bank accounts work.
  • How to maintain a simple budget. 
  • How to separate want from need. 
  • The value of budgeting and delayed gratification
  • The power of ownership, investing and saving 
  • How to build generational wealth

Entrepreneurship & Career Development 

 Youth Challenge Inc. has created an innovate pathways program, through exploratory learning paths. YCI is dedicated to supporting our young men to and  through their desired career and/or entrepreneurship path. Designed to give YCI's young men the confidence and skills needed to succeed in or out of college, our YCI Pathway is an educational opportunity that combines internships and in class work with local gatherings. YCI's young men will experience a combination of academic recovery, experiential learning, and life & job skills development to ensure to and through success. 

Community Engagement & Stewardship

Youth Challenge Inc. will inspire our young men towards leadership for the public good. YCI seeks opportunities that empower our young men to experience the world in order to learn from it and to be of substantive service to others while being great stewards of the gifts, talents and resources they have been blessed with.